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What We Do

We employ a range of methods to help us uncover the truth

Face to face approaches

  • Traditional F2F focus groups have earned their place in the researcher’s toolbox, and are still a great environment for generation of rich new insight
  • Depth interviews are valuable as they allow us detailed access to individuals’ experience, uninterrupted, and in as much depth as we need
  • Ethnography and observation allows us access to your customers’ own authentic environment – and the real life, and sometimes unexpected, ways they interact with your brand
  • Accompanied browsing – By sitting with your customers as they navigate your website or app we can identify issues before they become a problem

Online research

  • Participating in research online feels increasingly comfortable to our always-connected respondents
  • Online communities and blogs are a great way to follow participants and understand behaviour over time
  • Online focus groups have practical benefits – they make it easy to access disparate or niche audiences and allow them to participate from the comfort of their own home


We have helped clients answer a range of business challenges, in the areas of communications development and evaluation, brand positioning, customer service, New Product Development, Corporate Social Responsibility


We are very happy that the majority of our work comes from repeat business and referrals from our lovely clients