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The Importance of Being Choosy

I’m passionate about the service I provide to my clients.

When I have more work than I can handle, I value the support of high quality trusted partners who understand the way I work and help me to provide the consultancy and actionable recommendations that my clients need.

But I know it can be nerve-wracking entrusting parts of your project to a freelancer.

You have done all you can to choose the right person. And now you are really hoping that they will make a good impression on your client…

To be sure you can have confidence in your research partner:

  • Check that they have plenty of relevant experience 
  • Ask for testimonials
  • Don’t rely on communication by email. An (online) meeting will help you to gauge whether you will work well together
  • Invite their input on methodology, sample or discussion guide/questionnaire, so you can judge their skills and knowledge
  • Some relevant questions to ask
    • What have they learned from previous similar projects?
    • What do they see as the potential challenges?
    • What makes them a suitable person to partner you on this project
  • Make sure they are a good fit with your way of working
    • How far in advance do they need confirmation of dates and timings? How flexible are they prepared to be?
    • Agree on deliverables. Will they be prepared to feed back their findings in writing? Or will they be happy to workshop them together with you?
    • How much responsibility and client contact are they comfortable with?

It’s my job to make sure my clients are happy.

And on the occasions when I provide freelance support to other agencies, it’s my job to make sure they look good in front of their clients.

Going the extra mile to choose the right person will pay dividends, and once you’ve found them, it will be the start of a productive and fulfilling working relationship for you both!